These are some of the athletes we sponsor and have sponsored over the years. We are proud to have our company associated with all of the great things they do on the slopes and in the community.  


Josh Dueck 

Yes, that is our boy Josh getting inverted. First man to land a backflip on a mono ski (video can be seen here). This guy can rip! From the race course, to Mono X, to just shredding around, he loves skiing.  We love the attitude that Josh brings to skiing and to life. He is a free spirit who always seems to have a smile on his face and a positive way about him. 

Josh does a ton for the community and speaks to variety of organizations.  Check out his website and follow him to catch-up with this busy man.



 Twitter: @justdueck   

 Facebook: /FreedomChair

 Instagram: @justdueck

 YouTube: /joshdueck



Tyler Walker 

Tyler is a current member of the United States Adaptive Ski Team. He is a national and international ski champion in several alpine disciplines as well as a 2006 and 2010 Paralympian and a three-time X-Games gold medalist.

From mountain biking to skiing, this guy likes speed and works hard at everything he does.  Happy to have him as a part of Team Superlite.



 Twitter: @tbone_walker

 Facebook: /skier.walker

 Instagram: @tbone_walker

 YouTube: /McDuck1000


Alana Nichols 



 Twitter: @alananichols21

 Facebook: /alanajanenichols

 Instagram: @alanathejane


KJ Van der Klooster 




Stephani Victor 



 Twitter: @stephanivictor

 Facebook: /stephanivictor

 Instagram: @stephanivictor

Ralph Green 



 Twitter: @bkskiman

 Instagram: @puttalootit

Andrew Kurka 

Andrew, rocking the old school KGB, likes to go downhill fast. He is a current member of the US Adaptive Ski Team and is getting faster everytime out.  His trademark Kawasaki Green rig and outriggers can be seen for miles. 

He is an Alaskan man through and through and loves the outdoors.  In his spare time he hosts a radio show and does all sorts of things for the community. We love hearing about his newest ventures and the sky is the limit for this young man.



 Twitter: @andrew_kurka   

 Facebook: /andrew.kurka

 YouTube: /kkuurrkkaa


 Allison Jones 



 Twitter: @Jonezyrocks

 Facebook: /JonesAllison

Jasmin Bambur 



 YouTube: /dzas1

Erik Bayindirli (Ebay) 

Matt Feeney 



Chris Devlin-Young 



 Facebook: /Chris-Devlin-Young

Mark Urich 



 Twitter: @markurichusa

 Facebook: /TeamUrich

 YouTube: /onelegmau



Arly Velasquez 


 Twitter: @Arlyvelasquez

 YouTube: /superarvel

Sarah Will 

Chris Waddell 



 Twitter: @onerevheroes

 Facebook: /onerevolution

Melanie Schwartz 



Scott Meyer 

Stephen Lawler 



 Andrea Dziewior 

Kevin Bramble 
Bill Bowness 
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