KBG Lynx Mono Ski


We are excited to showcase the latest Monoski design from Kevin Bramble Goodz, manufactured and sold exclusively by Enabling Technologies, LLC.  The Lynx is fully adjustable, lightweight, with progressive suspension that allows a range of individuals to shred the mountain and take their skiing to the next level.  Seating system is sold separately.  For more photos, click here


  • Lightweight - at about 20 pounds, the lightest monoski by far on the market. 
  • Adjustable - over 200 different positions for your specific needs. You can make the ski a classic KBG, a Nissin, or any position that you prefer for ripping.
  • Durable - Kevin Bramble is known for building a strong mono ski and the new Lynx incorporates many of the same principles to create the Ultimate Mono Ski.
  • Progressive Suspension - Allows the Lynx to absorb bumps and lose that "bobbing" feeling that many other Mono Skis produce.
  • The MRP Raze 2CR Shock - is the crème de la crème of shocks. You can control rebound and compression and change out springs with ease. Learn all about it here.
  • World Class Customer Service - Two Time Gold Medalist, Kevin Bramble is available to answer any technical questions and to advise in setting-up your rig exactly how you want it.  ET is ready to build this amazing ski and can ship it to you within 1-2 weeks of your order anywhere in the world.
  • Seating Versatility - you can adapt your current bucket, or buy a new Aspen Seating Bucket complete with Ratchet Straps and Foam Insert.
  • Seating Options - we can provide you an Aspen Seating Bucket in any size and can be completely customized to your needs.

 These features make the KBG Lynx the ultimate Mono Ski for Experts, Programs, and Beginner skiers alike.


Choose the color of your A-Arms.  Black is the quickest turnaround. Otherwise, you can choose from a variety of colors here or from even more custom colors here.  Please specify at checkout.

Please Specify Height, Weight, & Injury at Checkout.

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