KBG Lynx Mono Ski


This is a Pre-Order product - IT WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL DECEMBER. Please order separately from in-stock products.


Designed by Kevin Bramble Goodz. Manufactured & sold exclusively by Enabling Technologies, LLC


Now in it’s 3rd season the Lnyx has proven itself as a lightweight and adjustable mono ski. The ski is great choice for beginner and advanced skiers alike. Its unprecedented range of adjustment makes it a great choice for programs.


  • Lightweight: At under 19 lbs 9 oz (frame only) the Lynx is the lightest mono ski on the market. This is possible through precision CNC machining and professionally heat treated aluminum a-arms.
  • Adjustable: While most mono skis are locked into one geometry, KBG Sit Skis offer an endless range of set up options. The footrest and seat angle are completely customizable.
  • Progressive Suspension: The Lynx uses a linkage to create a progressive spring rate. This increases small bump sensitivity in the first half and improves large hit resistance in the second half.
  • MRP Raze 2CR Shock: Developed for downhill and aggressive biking, the Raze provides a firm, nimble, stable, and quick suspension feel. The shock is easy to fine tune (rebound, high & low Speed Compression) and readily serviceable.
  • Seating Versatility: You can adapt your current bucket, or buy a new Aspen Seating Bucket. Your seat will come with M2 ratchet straps, a padded insert and chairlift assist handles.
  • Durable: Kevin Bramble is known for building a strong mono ski and the new Lynx incorporates many of the same principles that he has built his reputation upon.


Two Time Gold Medalist, Kevin Bramble is available to answer any technical questions and to advise in setting-up your rig.  ET is ready to build this amazing ski and can ship it to you within 1-2 weeks of your order anywhere in the world.


Your ski comes with your choice of A-Arm Colors. Black is our standard option. Add 1-3 weeks lead time for any custom color. Powder coat options can be found here.

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