Child & Mini Kids Bi-Unique

Used by almost every adaptive sports programs around the world the Bi-Unique Biski is one of the finest sit-skis ever built.  You can ski as independently as your experience and abilities allow.  

  • Lightweight - Made with  aircraft quality aluminum.
  • Versatile - Suitable for all levels of skiers.
  • Low Center of Gravity - for easy maneuverability with high level injuries and beginners.
  • Glove Seating System - hugs your body and results in smoother more controlled skiing.
  • High Handle Bar - for easier driving of the Bi-Unique
  • Shaped Mega II Skis - made specifically for the Bi-Unique have tune-able edges and allow for easier turning.
  • Retrofittable Mechanism & Skis - so that as the person grows, they can purchase the larger frame and seat and re-use the Mechanism & Skis to save money.
  • Accessories - to make your experience even better, click here.

This Kids version comes without a jack to save on weight and make chairlift loading easier.

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