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Dual Tethers & Carabiners

Dual Tethers sold as one pair only or with Carabiners and Slings.

The Dual Tether Straps and Dual Tether Straps with Carabiners & Slings allow an instructor or ski buddy to control sitskis or snow sliders.

Dual Tether Straps come with two 12 foot nylon straps. Dual Tethers with Carabiners & Slings comes with two 12 foot nylon straps, two twist lock carabiners and two slings. One end of the tethers is sewn for direct attachment or for the carabiner, and the other end is sewn just smaller than the average hand size. This has become the preferred set-up for tethering for many instructors. If you would like your tethers sewn differently, please let us know in the Notes section at checkout or contact us.

It is recommended to loop and attach tethers directly to your sitski’s attachment points or to connect the slings to designated attachment points for use with carabiners. To help prevent frame wear, it is not recommended to attach carabiners directly to your Enabling Technologies sitski or snow slider. 

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