Superlite Custom Titanium Outriggers - Mono Ski

Sold as a pair.

These Superlite Custom Titanium Outriggers are lightly used, mono ski sized, and are a great chance to save some money if the dimensions work for you. More info on how we measure outriggers can be found here.

X, Y, and Z are the three measurements we use for outrigger sizing. These are:

  • Size = Mono Ski
  • X = 8.5"
  • Y = 20" (Can be shortened)
  • Z = 11" (Can be changed)

These outriggers come with the following options:

  • Finish = Brushed
  • Tube Style = Straight
  • Grips = Endurance
  • Flip = Competition (Can be changed)
  • Tips = NEXGen
  • Resistance = Ice Screws (Can be changed)

Write in notes at checkout if you would like Y shortened, Z changed, or if you would like a different flip or resistance.

Note: If you have any questions before ordering, please contact us! Covered under our Used Equipment Warranty.   

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