• What is the Bi-Unique?

    The Bi-Unique is a style of sit ski.  The skier sits in the bucket or seat which is attached to two skis and is able to ski down the mountain.

    How do I get started skiing?

    The best place to start is at an adaptive ski school.  Many of the ski resorts have adaptive programs and most of them have the Bi-Unique.  Click Here for a listing of programs, call the school for more information and to schedule a lesson.

    Who can use the Bi-Unique?

    With training and/or a skilled ski buddy, almost anyone who would use a sit ski can ski a Bi-Unique.  People with these disabilities may benefit from this ski: multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spinal bifida, spinal cord injuries, and neuromuscular conditions.

    Can I ski independently?

    The Bi-Unique is designed to be skied independently by anyone with enough upper body strength and coordination. That includes most paraplegics, amputees, and some low level quadraplegics.  We recommend taking some lessons and demonstrating the ability to control the ski safely.  We always recommend skiing with a buddy, no matter how expert you are.

    What if I can’t ski independently?

    The Bi-Unique is very versatile.  There are a variety of ways that you can enjoy skiing with this ski.  Some skiers use a tether strap so that the instructor/buddy has control of the ski.  There are optional accessories to the ski, such as fixed outriggers, handle bars, and assistive devices that will help you get started.  Individual abilities vary, but most people can enjoy the experience of skiing with our product.

    Where can I ski the Bi Unique?

    Many ski areas have adaptive programs where you can rent the ski for the day or longer.  They will also have instructors to teach you how to ski.  If you already have used the Bi Unique, you can just rent the ski, much like renting other ski equipment.  Adaptive programs and ski areas have their own guidelines, so talk to the program to get specifics about their mountain.

    What kind of slopes can I ski with the Bi-Unique?

    The Bi-Unique was designed to be skied on groomed beginner and intermediate runs.  It was not designed for expert/advanced slopes, mogul fields or snowboard parks. The warranty will be voided if the ski is taken on these levels. The ski is designed to be chairlift compatible with the majority of chair lifts around the world. An optional kit allows for use at ski areas with T-bar lifts.

    What kind of ski should I use with the Bi-Unique?

    For ski programs we recommend the specially designed Mega III skis. They are the most versatile and maneuverable. These skis are the ones that come with the ski frame.

    PLEASE NOTE: The original Version I Blue and Version II Yellow skis are no longer in production.  We have a limited supply of these.

    Can I rent/ demo the Bi-Unique from Enabling Technologies?

    Yes, we do have a limited number of skis that can be rented or demoed for a specified period.  Please call us to get more information.

    Can I get replacement parts for the Bi-Unique?

    Yes, we sell all the parts for our ski.  Please see our parts page for ordering. We usually ship parts within one day of ordering.

    How do I keep my Bi-Unique in top condition?

    It is very important to service the ski regularly.  How often and how hard you use the ski determines how often you need to check it. We include an owner’s manual with every ski which describes how to use and service your Bi-Unique.  In addition we offer a tune-up service that will get your ski in optimal condition for the next season. Please see our service page or call us for more information.

    What is the warranty on the Bi-Unique?

    The Bi-Unique is warrantied for one year against manufacturers defects.  Please see our warranty section.

  •  What are Superlite Outriggers?

    Outriggers are ski poles with ski tips at the ends that assist in balance, stopping, and turning while skiing.  They are used by both stand up and sit skiers.  What makes them Superlites is the lightweight aluminum tube and the flipski design of the ski tip, which allows you to move the tip up and down according to your need.

    Who uses outriggers?

    Both stand up and sit skiers use outriggers to help them balance, turn,stop, and get on and off the chairlift.  Skiers with amputations, muscle/ leg  weakness or any condition where you need help with balance can benefit from using outriggers. The more independently you ski, the more you will use outriggers.

    How do I know what size to order?

    The Superlite Outriggers are adjustable so use your height as the basis for ordering if you are a stand up skier.  It you are a sit skier, tell us what model of ski you ride and we will send the correct size for your ski.

    What are custom outriggers?

    Custom outriggers are built to your specific measurements and are not adjustable.  We currently build these in titanium, usually for expert skiers or racers who want the lightest available. Click Here for instructions on measuring.

    Can I buy replacement parts for my outriggers?

    Yes, we sell all the parts for your outrigger.  Please see the parts page.  Parts are usually  shipped within one day of your order.  We send instructions for assembly or call us and we’ll talk you through it. Check out our you tube channel www.youtube.com/enablingtech, for videos on replacing parts. 

    What is the warranty on the outriggers?

    The outrigger is guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects.

    Can I rent/ demo Superlite outriggers?

    Yes, we have a limited number for rental/ demo units.  Please call to let us know when you will need them.  In addition, most adaptive programs have our outriggers and you can try a pair there.

    Can I  put the new ski tips, the NextGen, on my old outriggers?

    Yes, the new tips will retrofit to your old tubes.  Our you tube channel, www.youtube.com/enablingtech, has a video on changing the tips, as well as some other changes you might want to do.  You can always call us if you’d like us to walk you through the change.

    What’s the difference between Standard and Competition outriggers?

    This refers to the way the ski tip is flipped. In the standard model, the ski tip is flipped up when you pull the string. This is the most common model.  In the competition model, the ski tip is flipped down when you pull the string.  This model is preferred by racers and advanced skiers for a faster, more fluid experience. You can change your outrigger from standard to competition.  Watch a video here on how to make that change. www.youtube.com/enabingttech

    My Del Rin Pin is sticking.  What should I do?

    Clean out the area with hot, soapy water to remove any debris. Spray the pin with WD-40.  If on the slope use chapstick or other lip gloss. Our new ski tip, the NexGen, has addressed this issue and you shouldn't have a problem with that.


  •  What are Superlite Crutches?

    Superlite Crutches are made from aircraft quality aluminum or titanium for the long term crutch user.  They are stronger and lighter than standard crutches, making it more comfortable for people who use them every day.  They come in a variety of styles: forearm, underarm, or Shepherds.  See our full line of crutches Here.

    How do I know what style of crutch is best?

    Usually people are already using a certain style that works for them.  As these are more expensive than standard crutches, we recommend that you talk with a physical or occupational therapist if you have any questions about what style is best for you.

    How do I know what size crutch to order?

    The standard forearm crutch is adjustable, so use your height as the basis.  You can also measure your inseam and let us know why you are using the crutch. The underarm and Shepherd’s crutch are custom so you will need to have specific measurements.  Click Here for instructions

    What are Custom Superlite Crutches?

    These are crutches that are built specifically for you, according to your exact measurements.  There are no adjustments as in the adjustable crutch.  We can make these in aluminum or titanium, in any style you wish.  Click Here to see our complete line of crutches.

    How do I adjust the size of the cuff on my crutch/outrigger?

    You will need to heat the plastic cuff. Remove the cuff strap or leather insert if you have one. Heat the cuff using a hair dryer or immersing it in hot water.  Once the plastic is soft enough, wrap it around an object that is the size you want, such as a coffee cup. Secure the cuff around the object until it hardens.  You can put it in cold water or use the cold air setting on the hair dryer to harden it quicker.

    Can I buy replacement parts for my Superlite Crutches?

    Yes, we sell all the parts for your crutches.  Please see the parts section.  Parts are shipped within one day of ordering. Some grips are a little tricky to remove and replace so call us and we can talk you through it!

    What is the warranty for Superlite Crutches?

    Adjustable crutches have a 5 year warranty.  Custom aluminum crutches have a 10 year warranty. Titanium crutches have a 20 year warranty.  Please see our warranty page for complete information on our warranties.

    I bought my crutch/outrigger/ biski from another dealer. How can I get it repaired?

    All repairs are done by Enabling Technologies directly, no matter where you bought it.  Please call us directly and we will discuss with you the most economical way to repair your equipment.  Additionally, we repair all types of adaptive equipment, even our competitors models.

  •  What is the Dynamique?

    The Dynamique is a bi-ski designed with both skiers and instructors in mind. The Dynamique features an unprecedented load height, tension-ed load mechanism, high performance shock absorption system, and redesigned Mega III skis. 

    How do I load the Dynamique onto the chairlift?

    Before positioning the Dynamique at the "load here" line, push the shift lever forwards into the "UP" position. Next, maneuver the Dynamique as close to the lift as possible and then lift the ski up into it's locked position. Square up with the "load here" line and while waiting for the chairlift (still in the locked position) pull the shift lever backwards into the "LOAD/SKI" position. The ski will remain locked out but is now tensioned to load the chair. As the chairlift approaches, lift the rig up slightly to unlock the mechanism and allow the Dynamique to sit onto the chairlift. Be sure to lower the safety bar, utilize a retention strap, and enjoy the ride! Click Here to see the load manual.

    How do I unload the Dynamique off the chairlift?

    This is one of the most dangerous parts of the chairlift ride, and vigilance is a necessity. When approaching the unload station wait as long as possible before removing any retention strap and the safety bar. If the load was performed correctly, the ski should already be unlocked. Check to be sure that the shift lever is in the "LOAD/SKI" position before pushing off the chair. Time your exit to align with the exit ramp and simply push off the chairlift. Once off the chair, the Dynamique will gently drop down and lock into ski mode.

    Can I ski independently?

    The Dynamique is designed to be skied independently by anyone with enough upper body strength and coordination. That includes most paraplegics, amputees, and some low level quadraplegics.  We recommend taking some lessons and demonstrating the ability to control the ski safely.  We always recommend skiing with a buddy, no matter how expert you are.

    What if I can’t ski independently?

    The Dynamique is very versatile.  There are a variety of ways that you can enjoy skiing with this ski.  Some skiers use a tether strap so that the instructor/buddy has control of the ski.  There are optional accessories to the ski, such as fixed outriggers, handle bars, and assistive devices that will help you get started.  Individual abilities vary, but most people can enjoy the experience of skiing with our product.

    What is the high performance suspension made up of?

    The Dynamique comes equipped with a MRP Raze 2CR Shock. Developed for aggressive downhill biking, the Raze is easy to fine tune and readily serviceable. Unlike most bi skis using single pivot suspension, the Dynamique utilizes A-arms like those in higher performance mono skis. The A-arms improve the ride while 3" of travel at the rear and 1" at the front work to maintain a low center of gravity. 

    What kind of terrain can I ski with the Dynamique?

    The Dynamique was designed to be skied on beginner, intermediate and advanced runs.  Skilled skiers and instructors can take on just about any groomed slope. Familiarity and high competency with the Dynamique are vital when attempting more challenging runs. The Dynamique's suspension can handle almost anything from spring slush bumping to chewed up mid-winter crud, but mogul fields, jumps, and terrain park features are not recommended.

     What is the warranty on the Dynamique?

    The Dynamique is warrantied for one year against manufacturers defects. Please Click Here to see our warranty section.

  • What is the NEW Mono-Ski?

    Our NEW Mono-Ski is a sit ski designed to help ease the steep learning curve that is associated with learning how to ride a mono-ski. This Mono-Ski comes with a high performance suspension, easy adjustability, chairlift loading assist and low ride height.

    Why is a Low Ride Height Important for New Skiers?

    A low mono-ski ride height means that the skier has a low center of gravity while riding and a simpler transition from ski edge to edge while turning. The NEW Mono-Ski sits at under a foot off the ground; approximately 3-6" lower than most current mono-skis. This low center of gravity is stable and forgiving to form flaws. 

    Why is a High Performance Suspension Necessary?

    The NEW Mono-Ski's high performance suspension allows it to take on everything from moguls to chunder and greens to blacks. New skiers may start on the bunny hill, but we are willing to bet they don't want to stay there! The suspension system on our NEW Mono-Ski is not limited to freshly groomed greens. Leave the flats with confidence knowing that our rig will be able to take on just about anything. 

    What Features Were Integrated From the Dynamique?

    The load assist mechanism, versatile frame sizing, footrests, buckets, and handle configuration are all carried over from the Dynamique. Adaptive programs can easily switch seats and footrests between the Mono-Ski and the Dynamique.

    Why Can't I Switch Shocks Between the Mono-Ski and Dynamique?

    Even though the Mono-Ski's MRP Shock looks similar to the Dynamique's MRP Shock they are NOT compatible. The Mono-Ski's suspension relies on a progressive coil spring while the Dynamique's uses a falling rate coil spring. Switching springs between the Mono-Ski and Dynamique will certainly result in coil failure over time.  

    How Does Chairlift Loading Work?

    The NEW Mono-Ski's loading assist mechanism takes the guess work out of chairlift loading. Simply push the lever knob forward into the "Up" position and push yourself up (dip) with your outriggers until you hear a "click". The sit ski should now be locked out and will remain in the upright loading position as you get ready for the lift to approach. Now is the time to shift the lever back into Load/Ski" position - you will still remain locked out in the up position. Hold steady with your outriggers as the lift swoops in and make sure your NEW Mono-Ski is all the way back against the chairlift. The lever should already be back in Load/Ski mode; if not, shift it now before lowering the bar and enjoying the ride to the top.

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