Adaptive Programs & Organizations

We have had the pleasure to work closely with many programs and organizations. To check some of them out for yourself follow the links below. 






ET Equipment Dealers & Related Manufacturers 

We work closely with a few other companies to help bring you mono skis, outriggers and crutches. We've also linked a couple adaptive manufacturers who make products we believe are worth checking out.






From forums to informative sites, the internet has a wealth of info. These are some of the sites we frequent and suggest.




Foundations & Non-Profits

Here are some great organizations for helping people get out there and  be more active. Many people also find success by reaching  out to their local community to raise funds. For more info see our funding page.




Over the years Woody Witte has helped found two other company's: Woody's Wheel Works and DaVinci Tandems, learn more about these company's below.  Black Sheep Bikes is a company owned by our former welder, James, who we are proud to be associated with.





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