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Servicing & Repair

We at Enabling Technologies are committed to superior customer service! Our team services and repairs everything from crutches to bi-skis and anything in-between. We take care to make sure your equipment is fixed right the first time. In addition to the products we sell, we can also repair most types of adaptive equipment such as hand-cycles, off-road chairs and more!

Outriggers & Crutches

Most outriggers and crutches can be repaired within a day. For do-it-yourselfers we sell all the Outrigger Parts and Crutch Parts needed to fix your outriggers or crutches. We are happy to help guide you through the repair process! If we receive outriggers or crutches with extensive damage, we will evaluate and let you know the most cost effective repair or replacement solution. We require that you cover all shipping fees, and any repair fees for products out of warranty.

Bi-Unique & Dynamique

Our Bi-Unique/Dynamique tune up program can rehab your Enabling Technologies Bi-Ski back into world class condition! Our team will inspect, lubricate, adjust, repair and replace minor parts for $160.00 plus shipping. If more extensive repairs are necessary for safety/aesthetic reasons we will notify you before making fixes. Bi-Ski repairs are best done in the off-season. Below is an example of our work, estimate for such a repair below with re-enforced side frame would be about $950.  Shipping is about $190 each way in the US.

 Before                                                        After



Suspension systems are integral in the world of adaptive sports. A well tuned shock is the life blood of Mono-Skis and the Dynamique. If your suspension is in need of some TLC, we will work with you to locate a suspension service center for your unit. We also have connections in the motorcycle suspension repair world that may be a good fit for your suspension tuning needs.

At ET we are able to source a wide variety of springs, shocks and parts for Tessiers, Nissins, Praschbergers, Freedom Factorys, KBG's, and more. Contact us with any inquiries or questions about your suspension! 

Non-ET Equipment

Got a cracked hand-cycle frame? No sweat! We are committed to keeping the adaptive sports community moving forward by repairing and servicing all types of adaptive sports equipment. We repair all brands of mono-skis, bi-skis, hand-cycles, nordic skis, water skis, outriggers, and beyond. In addition, if you want to add a customization to your equipment, give us a call. We do that too!

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