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Child & Mini Kids Bi-Unique

Used by almost every adaptive sports programs around the world the Bi-Unique Biski is one of the finest sit-skis ever built.  You can ski as independently as your experience and abilities allow.  

  • Lightweight - Made with  aircraft quality aluminum.
  • Versatile - Suitable for all levels of skiers.
  • Low Center of Gravity - for easy maneuverability with high level injuries and beginners.
  • Glove Seating System - hugs your body and results in smoother more controlled skiing.
  • High Handle Bar - for easier driving of the Bi-Unique
  • Shaped Mega II Skis - made specifically for the Bi-Unique have tune-able edges and allow for easier turning.
  • Retrofittable Mechanism & Skis - so that as the person grows, they can purchase the larger frame and seat and re-use the Mechanism & Skis to save money.
  • Accessories - to make your experience even better, click here.

 This Kids version comes without jack to save on weight and make even easier to load on to the chairlift.  

We ship anywhere in the world, so submit your interest and we can get you a shipping quote. Shipping within the US (lower 48) is $150.  You can purchase as well and if shipping rate is different we will refund the difference.

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