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Mega II Bi Skis

Sold as a pair

Our Blue Bird Skis are built using the same technique and shape of the carving/shaped skies for stand-up skiers. The Blue Birds will fit all Bi-Unique Bi Skis and come with binding plates and quick release installed. Receive a 15% discount if you purchase skis with a new mechanism.  


Key Features:

  • Strong:  Wood core with fiberglass top plate and reinforced ski mounting area
  • Light: Weighs only 34.8 ounces
  • Durable: made with 21st century alpine ski technology and materials
  • Tuneable: has 10 degree edges that makes tuning for a variety of skiing abilities easy
  • Versatile: can be retrofitted to any previously manufactured biskis, including the Bi-Unique and Mountain Man.

A big thank you to Kurt Basford for his rendition of a Blue Bird day.  Hope you have many Blue Bird days ahead.

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