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Superlite Forearm Crutch ▪ Low Bend Custom Titanium

Sold in pairs (or individually upon request)


Our Superlite Custom Standard Titanium Forearm Crutches are constructed from 100% titanium.  This  superior crutch is made with uni-body construction. No nuts, rivets, or bolts are used, giving this crutch rattle-free use that will last a lifetime. The handle is welded directly to the crutch shaft adding strength and durability. They are designed for long term crutch users who want the best in terms of quality, durability, and aesthetics.

The Low Bend (Ed Lucks) crutch was created for those people who have a difficult time getting their standard crutches underneath them while walking. They also create a more upright stance for those people who tend to slouch. They are especially helpful for those who use a swing gait to walk.

Your crutches come complete with cuffs, leather cuff insert, and your choice of finish, grips, and tips for the same price.

Finishes available are brushed, media blasted, polished, or black. Brushed is the most popular finish, showing scratches the least with the ability to restore them with a Scotch Brite pad and some elbow grease .Custom colors other than the standards can be ordered  for $75 extra. 

If these are your first forearm crutches or have never tried the Low Bend style, you may want to try our adjustable crutches first and/or contact us about our Demo Program to make sure that Superlite Forearm crutches are right for you.


If custom color make note in the special instructions box on the next page at checkout. 

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