Superlite Uni-Pose Crutch ▪ Custom Titanium


Sold in pairs (or individually upon request). Please measure your crutch size and make note of it in the boxes above.


Superlite Titanium Custom Uni-Pose Crutch are superior to a standard Underarm crutch in that it has all the positives of a standard underarm with added pros of lightweight, open front for better hand movement, and superior grip choices.  It basically is an underarm and forearm crutch all rolled into one.

Your crutches come complete with your choice of finish, crutch pads, grips and tips for the same price. 

  • Uni-body construction with 100% titanium
  • No adjustments that contribute to noise, wear and tear.
  • Weight Limit 250 lb


Finishes available are brushed, media blasted, polished, or black. Brushed is the most popular finish, showing scratches the least with the ability to restore them with a Scotch Brite pad and some elbow grease.   Custom colors other than standard can be ordered for $75 extra.


If these are your first Uni-pose crutches, you may want to contact us about our Demo Program to make sure that Superlite Uni-Pose crutches are right for you.

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