Head Monster 108

Ski priced and sold as a single unit, not per pair.

This big-mountain ski is the ultimate accessory for skiers with no boundaries. Sporting a 108mm waist, the Monster 108 leaves behind a wide footprint designed for floating in powder. The ERA 3.0 rocker and camber combination supports fast, reactive, and responsive open turns in all terrain types.


Terrain: Big-Mountain, Off-Piste

Features: Allride Rocker, ERA 3.0, Graphene, World Cup Sandwich Cap

Length & Sidecut:

  • 170cm 141-108-126, 21.5m radius
  • 177cm 142-108-127, 23.5m radius
  • 184cm 143-109-128, 25.5m radius


We recommend using a 170cm ski for most mono rig applications.




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