KBG Lynx Mono Ski

  • We are proud to continue our relationship with Paralympic Gold Medalist Kevin Bramble. While we do not stock KBG Sit Skis, contact us and we can help you towards acquiring one!

    The Lynx has proven itself as a lightweight and adjustable mono ski that is great for intermediate and advanced skiers. Its unprecedented range of adjustment makes it an excellent choice for programs as well.

    • Lightweight: At under 20lbs (frame only) the Lynx is one of the lightest mono ski on the market.
    • Adjustable: While most mono skis are locked into one geometry, KBG Sit Skis offer an endless range of set up options. The footrest and seat angle are completely customizable.
    • Progressive Suspension: The Lynx uses a linkage to create a progressive spring rate. This increases small bump sensitivity in the first half and improves large hit resistance in the second half.
    • MRP Raze Shock: Developed for downhill and aggressive biking, the Raze provides a firm, nimble, stable, and quick suspension feel. The shock is easy to fine tune  with rebound and compression adjustments.
    • Seating Versatility: KBG sit skis have a versatile seat mounting pattern and can be purchased as a frame only or with an Aspen Seating System. This affords the opportunity to use your current seat if you have one or invest in a high performing option. 


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