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NEXGen II Fixed Outriggers

  • The first generation of fixed outriggers found the sweet spot for outrigger position and edge control. Spring loaded tips lengthen the engagement time which reduces side to side flop, a sensation commonly experienced with other fixed outriggers. 

    Building upon their performance the second generation increases durability with new billet ends while twin tip add-ons provide a little more leeway navigating the slopes.

    We’ve made efforts to help ensure proper use too. A new U-Bolt Spacer and leash simplify setup and a  “Know Before You Go Quick Guide” provides instructors with a checklist before hitting the slopes

    ** NEXGen Fixed Outriggers mount to the articulating Mechanism allowing them to be used with either the Dynamique and Bi-Unique. They require a version M2.4 or newer Mechanism Plate and Channels. Most Bi-Skis shipped since December 2017 have this setup. If your mechanism does not, a Mechanism Retrofit Kit can be added above.

    • Retrofittable: A low profile design and retrofit kit allow for use with both Dynamique & Bi-Unique Bi-Skis
    • Improved Performance: Angled ski tips that match the Bi-Ski's sidecut paired with a forward mounting position achieve a more stable & balanced turn
    • Dampening: Spring loaded tips progressively ease the engagement with the snow to reduce flop from side to side.
    • Adjustable: A range of widths allow the stability level to be tailored to your needs
    • Tool-less Assembly: Nylock wing nuts and quick release pins are program friendly.
    • Durable: A blend of laser cut & zinc plated steel, CNC'd billet aluminum, Super Tough™ molded plastic and high grade hardware ensure lasting strength.

  • NEXGen Fixed Outriggers are covered under our Adaptive Skiing Equipment Warranty. While similar to other fixed Outriggers, several key features make them unique. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the manuals before use!

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