NEXGen Fixed Outriggers

  • Current lead time is 4 weeks. Mechanism not included.

    We're proud to announce that our NEXGen Fixed Outriggers are ready to hit the slopes!

    Through extensive R&D our team was able to find the sweet spot regarding outrigger position, function & strength. Spring loaded tips lengthen the engagement time with the snow reducing side to side flop, a sensation commonly experienced with other fixed outriggers. These NEXGen Fixed Outriggers seamlessly complement both the Dynamique and Bi-Unique Bi-Skis while maintaining a low profile while skiing.

    NEXGen Fixed Outriggers require a version M2.4 or newer Mechanism Plate and Channels. Most Bi-Skis shipped since 12/15/17 have this setup. If your mechanism does not, a Mechanism Retrofit Kit can be added above. 

    • Retrofittable - A low profile design and retrofit kit allow for use with older model Dynamique & Bi-Unique Bi-Skis
    • Improved Performance – Angled ski tips that match the Bi-Ski's sidecut paired with a forward mounting position achieve a more stable & balanced turn
    • Dampening – Spring loaded tips progressively ease the engagement with snow to reduce flop from side to side.
    • Adjustable – A range of widths allow the NEXGen Fixed Outriggers' stability level to be tailored to your needs
    • Tool-less Assembly – Nylock wing nuts and quick release pins allow for easy assembly
    • Durable – A unique blend of laser cut & zinc plated steel, CNC'd billet aluminum, Super Tough™ molded plastic and high grade hardware ensure lasting strength


  • Click Here for the NEXGen Fixed Outrigger Owner's Manual.

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