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Tethering Safety Belt

The Tethering Safety Belt shifts the tether anchoring point from an instructor's wrists to their mid section. This assures that the student and instructor stay attached during a catastrophic event while also protecting the instructor's shoulders, arms, and wrists from potential injury. 

Packed inside the belt container are two Bungee Shock Systems permanently sewn to the waist belt. The carabiner leader loop extends from the belt and serves as an attachment point for the tethers and carabiners.

In the case of a catastrophic event, the momentum of the student deploys the Bungee Shock System. This system then absorbs the shock of the fall while protecting the instructor and student from a sudden jolt.

 Click to see the Safety Belt in Action

  • Materials meet Life Support Specifications & Parachute Industry Association Standards
  • Designed using certified climbing and parachute technology
  • Webbing is resin coated for abrasion resistance
  • Stainless steal buckles for rust prevention
  • Total weight is 2lbs 10oz
  • Mandatory safety system used at Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC)
  • Can be used with Bi-Ski, Slider, Ski Bike, Stand Up Skier, etc.


Repairs should be attempted by a certified master parachute rigger

Enabling Technologies is not liable for injury or accident resulting from Safety Belt use

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