Two Thumbs Up

  • "Superlite outriggers have revolutionized adaptive skiing for disabled skiers around the world. The light-weight design, comfortable cuffs and adjustability make them perfect for teaching or ripping the steeps!"

    Matt Feeney
    Adaptive Adventures Co-Founder

  • "I just wanted to thank you guys for your support of me and most of my teammates that use your outriggers. I have been racing for ten seasons and on the U.S. Disabled Ski team for six. Every time I needed something fixed or something sent to me you guys got it to me as fast as you could and kept me racing and on the hill. For that I am very thankful."

    Joe Thompkins
    U.S. Paralympic Skier

  • "Again, I want to thank you and Enabling Technologies for your continued support through sponsorship of the best outriggers made in the world! There's just no skiing without them!"

    Stephani Victor
    U.S. Paralympic Skiing Gold Medalist

  • "These are my 'Stealth' crutches. I think they were developed as an offshoot of B-2 technology. I like them quite a lot."

    Bill Clinton
    During a press conference regarding his Superlite Crutches

  • "Just wanted to let you guys know how much my wife loves her titanium crutches you made for her about a year and a half ago. You guys did a great job!"

    Crutch Customer

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