Funding Opportunities

There are many resources available to assist you in trying out and paying for adaptive equipment. ET is committed to spreading the word about adaptive sports as well as the athletes and recreational users who are experiencing the fun and challenge of an active lifestyle.  Here are some ideas that may help you find out more about programs and funding resources:


  • A comprehensive list of adaptive sports programs in the USA can be found at the Disabled Sports USA website here.
  • Many of the adaptive sports programs are small, so if you don't see one advertised in your area, call the ski area and ask for the adaptive sports program.
  • Many adaptive programs have summer activities also.  So if skiing is not your thing, there are other options for recreation, such as fishing, horse back riding, and kayaking.  The adaptive ski program may know about these other activiites.
  • Not all programs are associated with a ski area.  Many non profit organizations support adaptive sports in different ways. Funding for equipment, organizing various outdoor experiences, and "how to" clinics, are frequently part of a non profit's goals. 
  • Check out resources through a hospital or rehabilitation center, especially those dealing with spinal cord injuries and neuro-muscular conditions.




Private health insurance & Medicare will cover at least some of the cost for the purchase of our crutches. 

  • Contact your Medical Insurance Provider to find out what your "Durable Medical Equipment" (DME) coverage is.
  • A prescription from your doctor for superior crutches is a great second step.  If they need more info, supply them with our website, contact info, and/or justification (see below). 
  • Insurance companies sometimes will require a justification letter. Contact us for a sample letter. Currently ET is not a designated provider on any insurance network, so each case is handled individually.


Veterans Administration has funded equipment in many cases from ski equipment to crutches. We are a provider on their network, and each case is handled individually through the veterans' case worker.  Contact your physical therapist, or case worker at your VA center.  In addition, the VA sponsors many skiing and other adaptive sports programs where you can learn to ski, use equipment, and get information on activities in your area. Feel free to contact us for more info.


Payment Plan - We offer the opportunity to pay for any of our products in installments. If you do not have the money now, we understand. You can pay over time with no interest or fees. Once the product is paid for in full, we will ship your product to you.


Foundations & Non-Profits - There are some great organizations out there getting people to be more active. Many of the most successful people are those who reach out to their local community to raise funds for an individuals dream equipment. If you would like any info, photos, etc. don't hesitate to contact us!

  • High Fives Foundation - Roy Tuscany and his team have done fantastic things for a range of individuals over the last several years.  Their "Winter Empowerment Program" is one of a kind and perhaps one of the best opportunities available to get you on the mountain with your own equipment.
  • Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • DSUSA - a range of resources from programs, to equipment, to funding. A must to visit.
  • Adaptive Sports Forums - an interactive community of your fellow sports enthusiasts, many who have gone through the funding process. Also can be an opportunity for used equipment and knowledge.
  • Adaptive Spirit - primarily for members of the US Ski Team


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