An Easier Way to Load the Chairlift

May 09, 2018

An Easier Way to Load the Chairlift

New adaptive sit-skiers are not only faced with the daunting task of (re)learning how to ski, but also figuring out how to load a chairlift with adaptive equipment. That once benign chair harmlessly rotating around its top wheel can now seem to have a vengeance for any unknowing and unprepared novice sit-skiers. We're here to bring you up to speed so that you can make loading the chair look easy in a sit-ski.

Chairlifts come in all shapes and sizes. High loading, thickly cushioned, plywood bottomed, sharply angled. As nice as it would be to have one uniform chairlift configuration that just isn't the case. Fortunately, there is a way to load most any chair that takes the guess work out of the classic hop and pray loading style. 

  • When approaching the load station be sure to vocalize to the lifty if you would like a slow or stop.
  • Align yourself with either end of the chair and approach to the loading line.
  • Rather than loading straight back onto the chair, turn the sit-ski to a 45 degree angle with your closest side to the upcoming chairlift handle.
  • Steady yourself with your inside hand and outrigger.
  • With your outside hand flip the outrigger on top of your arm and prepare to grab the approaching chairlift handle.
  • Grab the handle and simultaneously push up with the inside outrigger to "dip" onto the chair.
  • Straighten out and be sure that your sit-ski is fully back onto the chair before lowering the safety bar and enjoying the ride up!

This video features the handle grab style mentioned above along with a variety of loading styles and safety information regarding chairlift loading.


 Written by Scott Will

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