Based out of Denver, Colorado, Enabling Technologies, LLC has a workforce with over 100 years combined experience in manufacturing quality products. We strive to meet and exceed every customer's expectations. 



The company was created in 1985 by T.G. "Woody" Witte who saw a need for improved equipment for the disabled athlete. From the original Unique 1 monoski, to Superlite outriggers and crutches, and the versatile Bi-Unique biski, ET has been a leader in improving the quality, safety, and performance of adaptive equipment.  In addition to providing the highest quality products and services, ET has been an active force in the ongoing creation of standards and practices of adaptive sports worldwide.




In 1985 T.G. "Woody"  Witte was introduced to the world of disabled skiing through fellow motorcycle racer, Ken La Come. After seeing the available equipment used by disabled athletes, Woody knew he could build something better. He wanted to take the dis out of disability.  

With La Come's input, Woody designed a monoski, called the UNIQUE 1, which incorporated a self-loading feature as well as a shock absorbing system.  Ken went on to do quite well on the racing circuit, medaling at the Nationals and gaining a berth on the U.S. Disabled Ski Team. Within several weeks after Nationals, the U.S. Sports Center for the Disabled requested the UNIQUE 1 for their program and Enabling Technologies was born.

Woody then turned his attention to improving the outrigger. At that time outriggers weighed about 14lbs. and were made of several moving parts that were in constant need of adjustments. Using state of the art injection molding processes and lightweight aluminum tubing, ET reduced the weight to under 2lbs while increasing their durability. Superlites are now the outrigger of choice for adaptive ski programs, recreational and competiitve skiers, making them the most widely used outriggers in the world.

The next breakthrough at ET was developing a seating system that acted as the boot of the ski, with the ability to transfer the movement of the upper body to the ski.  Customers remarked that the seat fit them "like a glove", hence the name Glove Seating System. With input from ski programs, the seating system was designed to have the safety features and feel of a custom seat without the expense. 

With the increasing popularity of adaptive ski programs and greater accessibility on the mountain, a ski that could meet the needs of a wider range of skiers was envisioned. The BI-UNIQUE, a versatile, high performance bi-ski,  has become a popular choice for ski programs and recreational skiers worldwide.

Not one to be involved with only one area at a time, Woody launched a line of SUPERLITE crutches, using the same lightweight tubing and cuffs as their revolutionary outriggers to provide state of the art technology to long-term crutch users.  Since 2000, Enabling Technologies has also offered their line of crutches in titanium.  The quality of SUPERLITE crutches has been enjoyed by world class athlete Picabo Street and world leader, President Bill Clinton.


Enabling Technologies continues to be an innovative and committed presence in the world of adaptive technology. We back our products with warranties against manufacturers defects and service everything we build, as well as other adaptive equipment. We are committed to improving our products and welcome input from our customers. We also customize equipment for your particular needs. 

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