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Measuring Custom Outriggers

X Y Z Measurements:

The X, Y and Z are three measurements needed to make your custom outriggers.  The X refers to the distance between the top of the cuff and the top of the grip handle.  The Y refers to the distance between the top of the grip and the bottom of the ski tip. The Z measurement is the circumference of your forearm at it's widest to give you the correct cuff size.


X Measurement: 

Using a tape measure, measure from the top back surface of the hand grip to the top of the arm cuff. Measure along the bend of the outrigger.

Y Measurement:

Hold the flip ski bottom in a perpendicular position. Using a tape measure, hook the end to the bottom of the ski and measure to the top surface of the hand grip.

Z Measurement:

Using a tape measure or string, measure your forearm at it's widest part.

Correct Arm Cuff Location:

The higher up on the forearm your cuff is, the greater the mechanical advantage for you. However if it is too high up, the cuff will bite into your upper arm when you lean over to pick something up.   The distance between the point of your elbow to the top of your arm cuff at the back should be about 3 inches if your height is around 5'-8".  If you are 6' tall or taller that measurement should be about 4". If you are 5' tall the measurement should be about 2". These are general guidelines only. 

The best way to measure this distance is to sit down with one outrigger on and point the ski tip at the ceiling, bending your elbow at a 90° angle. Lay a tape measure on the back of your forearm so the end of the tape touches the back of the cuff. Then read the distance to the point of your elbow. This is only a guideline and your own comfort and usability will be the deciding factor.  If your current outriggers are adjustable, try them at different heights. As an example, if you decide that your current cuffs are too low by an inch, add the inch to the X measurement after you measure.

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