The NEXGen of Superlite Outriggers

Building off the success of our Original Ski Tips, we developed the NEXGen Lower!

Taking a cue from modern skis, a rockered tail keeps the outrigger smooth in and out of turns while a tapered tail helps track and reduce chatter at speed.

On the top side, We opened the pin design to increases reliability. It reduces the chance of snow building up and jamming.

The ride angle can be adjusted up to 15 degrees lower than the Original Ski Tips. This further reduces resistance if desired.  The angle adjustment has been moved into the lower joint.  All outrigger adjustment can now be done with a 5/32" Allen key.

Redesigned ribbing increases strength while the round profile reduces the chance of tip breakage. The result is a stronger ski tip and improved power transfer to the snow.

The redesigned ribbing not only makes the tips stronger, but lighter as well. A built in basket further reduces weight. The NEXGen lowers are available neutered with ice screws or a with a brake claw. The new slimmer claw provides resistance for those who need it while complimenting the tapered shape of the tips tail.

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