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Custom Titanium Cane

Sold individually. Lead time is currently 1-2 weeks.

Our Superlite Custom Titanium Cane is constructed from light and strong titanium tubing. This superior cane is made with uni-body construction. No nuts, rivets, or bolts are used, giving this cane rattle-free use that will last a lifetime. The handle is welded directly to the cane's shaft adding strength and durability. The cane is designed for long term cane users who want the best in terms of quality, durability, and aesthetics.

Your cane comes complete with your choice of finish and a lightweight durable cane tip. If a different tip is required, please specify in the notes at checkout.

Finishes available are brushed, media blasted, polished. Brushed is the most popular finish, showing scratches the least with the ability to restore them with a Scotch Brite pad and some elbow grease. Media blasted is a textured finish with a rougher appearance than brushed. Polished yields the highest gloss-like texture.

The Y measurement is needed to make your custom cane. The Y refers to the distance between the top of the grip and the bottom of the cane tube or tip. Using a tape measure, hook the end to the bottom of the tip or tube and measure to the top surface of the hand grip. Specify at checkout if this measurement is with or without tip. Canes generally weigh 1 to 1.85 lbs depending on the amount of tubing used for the Cane's height.

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