Kids Bi-Unique Bi Ski

  • Update 3/1/23: We are out of stock of Mega III skis for the 2022/23 ski season.  We will have more stock in August 2023. Ask about our options in the meantime if you don't already have skis you can use and wanting to use this ski season.  The Kids Bi-Unique does not have a hydraulic jack for load assist. Instead, a limiting strap is used to keep the ski as light as possible. This makes the ski even easier for the lightest skiers to control.

    The Bi-Unique is used by almost every adaptive program around the world. It has set the standard for introductory sit skis and gives you the ability to ski as independently as your experience and abilities allow! Boasting the lowest center of gravity of any sit ski on the market, the Bi-Unique is easy for high level injuries to maneuver. Designed 20+ years ago, the Bi-Unique continues to be a resilient, versatile & long-lasting bi ski.

    Note: In an effort to streamline our sizing, we've moved towards a Small / Medium / Large, nomenclature. The Small Bi-Unique was formally known as Kids, while the Extra Small was known as Mini Kids. The products are the same specs as past. Only the nomenclature has changed..

    • Versatile Sizing: The Bi-Uniques many sizes and options allow it to fit skiers from under 4' to over 6'.
    • Light Weight: Built with aircraft grade aluminum. The Kids Bi-Unique's further reduce weight by foregoing the hydraulic jack.
    • Loading the Chairlift: This lightweight bi ski is lifted onto the chairlift by a ski buddy or instructor.
    • Low Center of Gravity: Boasting the lowest center of gravity of any sit ski on the market, the Bi-Unique is easy for high level injuries to maneuver.
    • Glove Seating System: Hugs your body like a glove providing a smooth and controlled ski connection.
    • Mega III Skis: the Mega III Skis employ the same proven shape, side cut & camber as the Mega II's but with a new & improved flex pattern.
    • Accessories: Everything from tethers to handles are available to help make your experience even better and can be found here.
  • The Bi-Unique is covered under our Adaptive Skiing Equipment Warranty. Please familiarize yourself with the Owner's Manual before use. If you do not see something you are looking for or have any questions contact us

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