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Kool Sit Ski Blanket by Koolway Sports

Lead time is variable with Koolway Sports. Please contact us for an estimate before ordering if necessary!

The Kool Sit Ski Blanket by Koolway Sports is designed to keep sit-skiers warm, comfortable and looking good out on the slopes! The Blanket is composed of a tough, water-resistant Commander outer layer and soft grey fleece inner layer with Powderfill Insulation sandwiched inside for extra heat retention.

The Kool Sit Ski Blanket is designed to be fully accessible with ease of preparation in mind to help save time. Standard features include:

  • Quick release openings
  • Zippers around the blanket
  • Detachable front & back blankets
  • Slip-not bottom fabric protection
  • Reflective tape on the front of the blanket

Koolway Sports designs & manufacturers outerwear for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to achieve their maximum level of independence in all aspects of their life! Price includes cost to import from Canada.


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