Monique-1 Mono Ski

  • Due to high demand the current Monique lead time is 10-13 weeks. Please contact us if you have any questions!

    Now entering it's second season, the Monique-1 has begun to prove itself as the ultimate learning sitski!

    The Monique was designed to help ease the steep curve associated with learning how to monoski. Unlike most monos, the Monique has a low center of gravity which is stable, forgiving to form flaws and promotes a slower transition from edge to edge. Riding at under a foot off the ground, it sits 3-6" lower than most monos on the market. The Monique helps bridge the gap between novice and upper echelon sit-skis by increasing stability and forgiveness. Although it is a great learning tool, it has the capability to leave the greens behind!

    We implemented several familiar features from the Dynamique including the chairlift loading system, versatile frame sizing and adjustable seat dump. Just like the Dynamique, the Monique can be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate everyone from kids to adults, and the seating systems, adjustable footrests and springs are all interchangeable.


    • Low Center of Gravity: Sitting under 12" off the ground the Monique is 3-6" lower than most modern mono skis providing a stable and forgiving learning platform.
    • Suspension: We use 4” of travel to maintain a low center of gravity while providing enough guts to explore the mountain. A progressive linkage driven suspension provides performance and bottom out support for the skier.
    • Loading the Chair Lift: The Monique uses the Dynamique's familiar and proven tension-ed load system that allows the skier to "sit down" on the chair. This makes loading and unloading very smooth. By moving the load components into the upper frame, we lowered unsprung weight, eliminated cables and better protected the system from snow and ice.
    • Sitting on the Chair Lift: The Monique moves the shock out of the chair's way allowing the skier to sit all the way back against the chairlift. The rear frame triangle naturally leans the skier back eliminating any “teter” sensation. The industry’s largest skid plate further adds to the feeling of comfort.
    • Versatile Sizing: Only one frame size is needed to fit riders from 4'1” to 6’3”.
    • Footrest: The Monique uses the familiar Dynamique footrest in Adult, Junior & Child sizes. The ankle angle is quickly adjustable with quick release clamps. The length is adjusted along the horizontal axis. Smaller skiers maintain a low center of gravity and taller skiers do not have to worry about the footrest bucketing out.
    • Fore/Aft Adjustment: 3" of center gravity adjustment can be achieved through a slot at the boot.
    • Boot: A 325mm BSL (Boot Sole Length) aligns with the RESNA suggestion and is similar in size to many mono skis on the market.
    • Seat Dump: Seat dump is adjustable to 4 positions. The lowest position is flatter than any monoski currently on the market while the upper positions bring you within traditional range for most mono-skis.
    • Frame Style: The Monique is available in a low frame for independent skiers or as a high frame with short handle and aid points for skiers who need additional support.


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