NEXGen I Fixed Outrigger Improvement Kit

  • Please contact us if you have a pair of NEXGen I Fixed Outrigger and have any questions regarding the improvement kit or if you have an issue with yours that you feel may fall under warranty.

    FO1.10 NEXGen Fixed Outriggers did not have Twin Tips for pulling, falling or skiing backwards. They used a 1/4" sheer bolt to protect more costly parts from extensive damage in backwards situations.

    While durable during the intended forwards operation, we have developed the Improvement Kit to address the more unpredictable operation conveyed by some users.

    The Improvement Kit adds Twin Tips to the Ski Tips to provide more leeway with backwards situations. Since the outriggers now have more leeway with backwards operation, the 1/4" sheer bolt is replaced with a new Rigger Washer to improve durability during falls.

    The Improvement Kit also includes a new U-Bolt Spacer and Leash. The purpose of the new U-Bolt Spacer and leash is to further facilitate proper setup and draw attention to the U-Bolt’s necessity.

  • The Improvement Kit is for improving FO1.10 NEXGen Fixed Outriggers.

    • Version FO1.10 NEXGen Fixed Outriggers used a single sided design that had one 3/8-16 Grade 9 Hex Bolt (9/16” wrench), one 3/8-16 Grade 8 Hex Bolt (9/16” wrench), one 1/4-20 Hex Bolt (7/16” wrench) and no Twin Tips.
    • If your NEXGen Fixed Outriggers have one 3/8-16 Grade 9 Hex Bolt (9/16” wrench) and one 5/16-18 Grade 8 Hex Bolt (1/2” wrench) you have version FO1.9. Please contact us for different improvement options.
    • If your NEXGen Fixed Outriggers have a double sided design with only one 5/16” shoulder bolt (5/32” Allen Wrench) you have version FO2.3 or greater. You do not need an improvement kit.


  • Please read the instructions in their entirety before purchasing or installing your assembly kit. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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