Alpine / Downhill Slide Unique II

  • We sold out of snow sliders for the 2019-2020 season. We are evaluating demand for another production run. Please contact us with interest!

    The second generation of the Slide Unique remains the lightest most adjustable offering on the market. To meet the needs of stand up skiers the Slide Unique offers a balance of infinite adjustment and strong hold through a combination of clamps, an Alan tool and pinned positions. Custom clamps have been sourced to improve ease of use while its custom boot allows tool-less size changes.

    • Light Weight: A unique blend of aluminum and titanium reduces weight
    • Improved Hold: Quick release clamps provide infinite adjustment while an hex key makes it easier to tighten them down
    • Slip Free Positions: Pins provide rigid positions for the toughest snow conditions and heavier skiers
    • Dampening: The unique shape of the forearm slides makes for a smooth ride
    • Custom Forearm Rest: Formed from the same co-poly as mono ski seats, the rest is less prone to crack while a cuff strap adds optional restraint
    • Tool-less Size Changes: A redesigned boot allows the lower legs to be changed without tools
    • BSL (Boot Sole Length): A 325mm BSL aligns with the industry's trending standard.
    • Instructor Handles - Handles can be flipped to provide high and low positions
    • Resilient Construction - Powdercoat, hard anodized parts and stainless hardware provide durability and corrosion resistance


  • The Slide Unique II has a user weight limit of 225 lbs and is covered under our Adaptive Skiing Equipment Warranty. While similar to other snow sliders, several key features make it unique. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the owners manual before use!

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