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Snow Slider

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Drawing inspiration from previous snow sliders, ET aims to further facilitate the needs of stand up skiers.

  • Light Weight Construction: The Snow Slider uses a durable  Aluminum Body with Titanium Extremities
  • Adjustable: We've expanded the typical adult size ranges while maintaining all other adjustments that programs are used to. Built in Allen Key holder makes sure you'll never lose the tool needed to tighten the clamps. While using the Allen key helps improve clamping force and reliability.
  • Custom Forearm Rest: Formed from the same co-poly used to make mono ski seats, the rest is less prone to crack in cold weather. A sewn pad improves durability and a cuff strap provides optional restraint if needed.
  • Dampening: Flex is engineered into the frame. The unique shape of the upper slides smooths the ride for the skier.
  • Instructor Handles: Handles can be flipped to allow high and low handle positions.
  • Retrofittable: Boot Sole Length (BSL) is sized off other snow sliders in the industry so the same skis can be used.


You can learn more from our product manuals if interested.


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