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Custom Titanium Forearm Crutch

  • Sold in pairs (individually upon request).

    Our Superlite Custom Titanium Forearm Crutches are constructed from 100% titanium. These superior lightweight crutches are fully welded to provide a lifetime of rattle-free use. Custom Titanium Forearm Crutches generally weigh 1.5-2lbs each depending on length, tip & grip choice.

    Take your Titanium Superlites off the beaten path without having to worry about dirt, dust & mud wedging into unwanted spaces. Custom Crutches are designed for long term crutch users who require the best in quality, durability, and aesthetics. Your crutches include cuffs, leather inserts, and choice of grips, tips, and finish. Custom Titanium Forearm Crutches are rated for users up to 300lbs.

    Powder coating may add two weeks to production time.

  • Superlite Crutches come with a variety of choices because we feel it is important to accommodate a wide range of unique customer needs. Below we provide some insight and general recommendations to help you with these choices.


    Finishes available are brushed, media blasted, polished, or black. Brushed is the most popular finish because it shows scratches the least. The brushed finish can be restore quickly with a Scotch Brite pad. Media blasted is a textured finish with a rougher appearance than brushed. Polished finish yields the highest gloss-like texture, but is most susceptible to blemishes. The black finish is a high quality powder coat application and has a glossy appearance. Powder coating is prone to chipping and scratching over time.

    Tube Style

    Standard Bend is chosen by the majority of crutch users. Standard Bend features a bend in the tube above the grip.

    Low Bend features a bend in the tube below the grip. Low Bend is often chosen by individuals with a bit less mobility, who need to position the crutch tip closer to their body for increased stability.



    Performance Grips have a built in shock absorbing system using gel inserts. Performance Grips are not left/right specific, but do work to reduce fatigue and enable you to stay mobile longer.

    Right Grips are ergonomically designed to fit the right and left hand specifically. Right Grips hold the wrist straight rather than having the wrist bend. For about 80% of those who use them, this is very positive. For the other 20%, the grips cause discomfort in the thumbs.

    Endurance Grips are not left/right specific. Endurance Grips are a slim tapered grip made of a firm rubber. They are most suitable for children and adults with small hands.



    We offer a variety of crutch tips to meet each customer's unique needs.

    The Aventure Tip offers unmatched flexibility and a versatile, even wearing, bottom. Because of their highly flexible nature, Aventure Tips are recommended for users weighing 175lbs and less. These tips work great on tile and slippery surfaces, and have the same diameter as Tornado Tips.

    The Performance Tip provides great shock absorbing qualities coupled with high quality rubber for superior flexibility, better ground control, and longer wear. The Performance Tips are our most durable offering, but they do weigh a bit more than both the Aventure and Tornado Tips.

    The Tornado Tip is our most popular option. The Tornado Tip offers a great mix of flexibility, shock absorption, and durability. Designed for less-active crutch users who want a tip with great traction and durability.

    Performance Rain Tips provide the same great features as the Performance Tips, but with greatly enhanced slip-resistance on wet floors. While not slip-proof, Performance Rain Tips can help to reduce the number of crutch related falls caused by wet smooth surfaces.

    Tornado Rain Tips have all the same great qualities as our Tornado Tips, superior flexibility, better ground contact and longer wear, with highly improved slip-resistance in wet conditions. Tornado Rain Tips have a rain disk formula bonded over the tread making them over 300% more wet slip resistant than any rubber tip that we offer. They have excellent traction on dry surfaces as well.



  • X Y Z measurements

    The X, Y and Z are three measurements needed to make your custom crutches. The X is the distance between the top of the cuff and the top of the grip handle. The Y is the distance between the top of the grip and the bottom of the crutch tube or tip. Specify at check out if Y taken with or without crutch tips. The Z measurement is the circumference of your forearm at it's widest point


    To take the X measurement: 

    Using a tape measure, measure from the top back surface of the hand grip to the top of the arm cuff. Measure along the bend of the crutch.


    To take the Y measurement:

    Using a tape measure, hook the end to the bottom of the crutch tip or tube and measure to the top surface of the hand grip. Specify at checkout if this measurement is with or without tip.  We will make sure the length is correct when we know what kind of tip you'll be using.



    To take the Z measurement:

    Using a tape measure or string, measure your forearm at it's widest part.

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