NEXGen Fixed Outriggers - The Backstory

February 28, 2018

NEXGen Fixed Outriggers - The Backstory

We’re proud to announce that our new NEXGen Fixed Outriggers are ready to hit the snow! Gone are the shortcomings of the old “ankle buster” fixed riggers. These NEXGen Fixed Outriggers have undergone extensive R&D to ensure that they seamlessly complement our bi-skis. We designed, tested and scrapped over a dozen variations before finding the sweet spot with regard to outrigger position, function & strength.

While our original fixed outriggers served well, they left something to be desired on the snow. Goals that our team addressed were: to create a product that is compatible with both the Dynamique & Bi-Unique, move the outrigger positioning forward to create a stable & balanced turn shape that won't tumble over, and to find the balance between high performance and affordable pricing.

Our fixed outriggers began their testing on the spring chunder of Breckenridge and continued at Arapahoe Basin. We were able to test on snow well into June thanks to the Basin’s long season.  Although we learned a lot, by the time the 2016-17 ski season came to a close outrigger testing was not yet complete. Fortunately for us, we were able to continue testing the fixed outriggers over the summer by traversing the endless slopes at the SNÖBAHN indoor skiing facility. Throughout the summer, SNÖBAHN’s incredible staff and facilities helped our team bring this project from the testing phase to fruition.

The last hurdle for this project emerged during material sourcing and component testing. We took strives to make sure that every piece of hardware used on the NEXGen Fixed Outriggers will withstand a beating time and again while remaining affordable. Thanks to the BOEC (and their interns) we were able to make some final adjustments that greatly strengthen the outriggers. Through this process of research and development the NEXGen Fixed Outriggers slowly took shape and transformed into a product that works great on the Dynamique & Bi-Unique.

Having been put through the paces on both real snow and synthetic indoor ski slopes, these outriggers - crafted from laser cut & zinc plated steel, CNC’d billet aluminum & Super Tough ™ molded plastic - are guaranteed to perform at the highest level. We’re excited to provide you with our new bi-ski fixed outrigger technology.

 Click Here to View the NEXGen Fixed Outriggers.

Special thanks to instructors Charley & Louis (tetherers), Nikki S. (Photos), BOEC, & the team at SNÖBAHN for all of your help with this project.

Written by Scott Will

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