Clam Shell Seating System - Copolymer Plastic

This seating system shares the same shape and geometry as our production fiberglass Clam Shell Seating System, but is molded from copolymer plastic. Copolymer plastic is the material our seats were formerly made from before transitioning to fiberglass. If the nuances below fit your needs, it is a great way to save some money on a new seat!

  • Sold as a seating system. The shell will come assembled with M2 Ratcheting Pad Strap Sets and a Seat Insert.
  • Size Medium. The shell width @ hips = 15"
  • This shell is recommended for sit-skis without a chairlift load system. This shell can only be used as a fixed position seat. The user will have to bolt the back into a fixed position at their desired angle.
  • This shell is not recommended for sit skis with chairlift load systems. This shell can not be used with straps on the side to adjust back angle. As such, an Adjustable Dump Bracket for the Dynamique and Monique is not included.
  • This shell is not pre-drilled for a chest strap, but can be added by the user.
  • The bottom will require drilling for mounting to all other sit skis, but includes center line reference holes to make it easier.
  • Shells range from new to good used condition. Shells may show blemishes from skiing, shop fitting, and testing. Some shells may have a slot and holes in the back from an adjustment provision that was tested, but never made it to production. Shells are assembled with new or good used condition parts. 

    Note: Covered under our Used Equipment Warranty

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