Clam Shell Seating System - Fiberglass

This seating system shares the same shape and geometry as our production Clam Shell Seating System, but utilizes a preproduction fiberglass layup technique and different gel coat color. If the nuances below fit your needs, it is a great way to save some money on a new seat!

  • Sold as a seating system. The shell will come assembled with M2 Ratcheting Pad Strap Sets and a Seat Insert.
  • Size Medium. The shell width @ hips = 15"
  • This shell is setup with straps on the side for adjusting back angle and includes an Adjustable Dump Bracket for the Dynamique and Monique.
  • This shell is not recommended for use with a chest strap and does not include provisions for our Limiter Strap.
  • The bottom is pre-drilled for mounting to all Monique's and Dynamique's sold after 2017. All other sit skis will require drilling, but includes center line reference holes to make it easier.
  • Shells range from new to good used condition.  Shells may show blemishes from skiing, shop fitting, and testing. Shells are finished with a white gel coat which is more prone to showing dirt and stains than black. Shells are assembled with new or good used condition parts.

    Note: Covered under our Used Equipment Warranty

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