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Superlite Outrigger ▪ Training

Sold in pairs (or individually upon request). Please measure your forearm size and record it above.

We collaborated with NEHSA to develop an outrigger that is forgiving for first time users and light weight for those with limited strength.  The light weight nature promotes active involvement for skiers lacking the strength for traditional outriggers. The omnidirectional nature of the HDPE balls allows beginners to learn the motion of outriggers while significantly reducing the chance of shoulder jamming from poor form.  When you are ready to move up to the level flip ski lowers can be retrofitted onto the Superlite uppers. The tips can be purchased separately as well.

These outriggers come with a standard bend and Endurance grips. The grips are firm and take advantage of your unique hand strength and ability. Follow the choices above and you're ready for snow!

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