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Dynamique Bi Ski

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    Turquoise is the Base color for the 2021/2022 season.  Other options listed for additional charge.

    We channeled everything we learned while developing the Monique into a revamped Dynamique. The improvements are targeted towards independent skiers, but the benefits will be enjoyed by all.

    • All new chairlift geometry makes it easier for skiers to lift themselves into the up position and improves stability while pushing out to the chairlift.
    • A tailored shock tune from MRP provides a supple ride through chatter while remaining supportive during turns.
    • The footrest strap’s mounting was revised and relocated for better ankle hold and foot security.

    The improvements build upon the Dynamique’s already proven track record.  Seats, footrests and springs are all interchangeable with the Monique making it a versatile program ski while the revisited tension-ed load system and performance suspension make it an unbounded biski!
    • Versatile Sizing: One frame size fits everyone from 4'1" to 6'3"
    • Lightweight Aluminum Construction: The entire unit weighs less than 45lbs complete with skis, mechanism & seat
    • Loading the Chairlift: The Dynamique has an unprecedented load height & its one of a kind, tension-ed load system allows the skier to "sit down" on the chairlift. This makes loading and unloading very smooth. By moving the load components into the upper frame, we lowered unsprung weight, eliminated cables and better protected the system from snow & ice.
    • Sitting on the Chairlift: The Dynamique's lift system moves the shock out of the way allowing the skier to sit all the way back against the chair. The rear frame triangle naturally leans the skier back eliminating any “teter” sensation. The industry’s largest skid plate facilitates getting on & off the chair.
    • A-Arm Design: Most biskis use single pivot suspensions, the Dynamique uses a-arms like higher performance mono skis. The A-Arms improve the ride and allowed us to engineer where the frame aligns in the load position. We "dowel test" skis to ensure the best ski performance. The Dynamique dowel tests similar in both the ride & load positions. This means it’s as easy to push in the lift line as it is to ski.
    • Suspension: The Dynamique has 3” of travel at the rear & 1” at the front to maintain a low center of gravity. Suspension is driven by a MRP Raze 2CR Shock. Developed for downhill mountain biking, the shock is easy to fine tune & readily serviceable.
    • Footrest: Made of durable plastic & aluminum, the skier's ankle angle is quickly adjustable thanks to quick release clamps. Footrest length is adjusted along the horizontal axis. Smaller skiers maintain a low center of gravity & taller skiers do not have to worry about the footrest bucketing out.
    • Seat Dump: Adjustable to four positions to fit your riding style. The lowest position is flatter than any biski on the market while the upper is similar to a Bi-Unique glove seat. 
    • Mega III Skis: the Mega III Skis employ the same proven shape, side cut & camber as the Mega II's but with a new & improved flex pattern.  A stiffer core throughout adds the stability & performance needed for a suspension bi ski. They also make loading & unloading the chairlift easier.
    • Instructor Handles: The wide handle is shaped like an ergonomic mountain bike handle bar. The swoopy ends provide an easy grip for picking skiers off the ground or driving the biski, making it great for hands on lessons. The narrow handle takes note from the traditional Bi-Unique, & is a better choice when using tethers. Both handles are adjustable in height & their mounting position has been pushed back from the Bi-Unique to ease hands on lessons & allow a reclined position for the ride & chairlift.


  • The Dynamique has a user weight limit of 250 lbs and is covered under our Adaptive Skiing Equipment Warranty. While similar to other sit skis, several key features make it unique. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the manuals before use. If you do not see something you are looking for please contact us

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