Evacuation Strap Kit - Dynamique/Monique

Sold individually. Used on the Dynamique and Monique.

This kit includes three red evacuation straps and three velcro organizer ties. The front strap is a different length than the two rear straps. 

The Dynamique Bi Ski and Monique Mono Ski come with an evacuation kit preinstalled, but it should be routinely inspected for frayed or cut webbing. Any webbing showing signs of wear should immediately be replaced. Even if never used, all webbing should be replaced after 5 years as a safety precaution. The actual lifespan of webbing depends on how frequently it is used and exposure to UV rays and other elements. With moderate use or high UV exposure, the lifespan may be closer to two to five years.

Every ski patrol and/or program has their own policy for off-loading persons from the chairlift in case of an emergency evacuation.  Since the ski patrol and mountain is ultimately responsible for off-loading a person from the chairlift, they may not want to use this system to off-load the person from the chairlift.  We highly recommend contacting your ski patrol and/or program to better understand the policy of the mountain 

Enabling Technologies takes no responsibility for the use of this system to evacuate a person from a chairlift.  

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