Low Back Clamshell Seating System

  • Medium and Large Sizes are now available! Small and Extra Large Sizes will be available for the 2023/2024 season. 

    Last season we introduced the High Back version of our Clamshell Seating System! Our fiberglass offering is substantially stiffer, skis superior, and fits better! Our clamshell seats have an adjustable back angle which is ideal for sit skis with chairlift loading systems, programs who fit many different skiers, and individuals dialing in their skiing.

    For the 2022 / 2023 season we're excited to introduce our Low Back offering! At 14" tall the Low Back is a clean and contoured choice for those who have the abdomen strength for it. Unlike our High Back offering, the Low Back does not come with provisions for mounting a chest strap or include a Limiter. We are launching the Low Back offering in a size Medium and Large and our Small and Extra Large sizes will be available shortly after.

    Also new for the 2022 / 2023 are several advancements in our manufacturing techniques. We invested in a closed injection process and our seats are now molded from specialized fiberglass mats with polypropylene cores. This state of the art technique lets us craft the flex pattern of each seat and ensure a uniform thickness across all of our seats.

    The seat bottom comes pre-drilled for mounting to our Dynamique and Monique. While predrilled for our sit skis, this is a performance seating system that can be fitted to any sit ski with flat bottom mounting! To facilitate mounting to other sit skis, two alignment holes are predrilled at the center of the seat bottom. These holes can be used as a center line reference.

    Note: 2015 to 2017 model year Dynamiques require a Seat Mounting Standardization Kit for use with our new Fiberglass Clamshell Seating System. These skis had serial numbers DY4.5 and DY4.6 and had Seat Pivots with 8" wide mounting provisions. You can learn more and purchase a kit separately here.
  • The Clamshell Seating System comes with a variety of choices because we feel it is important to accommodate a wide range of ability levels and unique customer needs. Below we provide some insight and general recommendations to help you with these choices.  

    Every seat comes finished with M2 ratcheting Padded Strap Sets at the waist and thighs, Nylon assist handles at the sides, and a pull back strap. The back angle is adjustable with M2 Ladder Straps.

      Seat Size

      • We measure seat size by the shell width at the hips. This measurement takes a thin liner or padding into account. Our Seat Liners are approximately 3/4" thick. If using our Seat Liners you can subtract approximately another inch of width from the stated measurement.
      • For the 2022 / 2023 season we're excited to introduce two new sizes. We now offer 4 sizes in two inch increments ranging from 12 to 18 inches wide.

        Seat Insert

        • The Seat Insert is is recommended for programs and new sit skiers. It is designed to add a quick fit, comfort, and stability to the Clamshell Seating System. The insert has a supportive EVA foam core with a durable, anti-glide, PVC and polyester cover.
        • A Seat Insert is not necessary for individuals who will be pursuing more customized fitment solutions on their own.
        Seat Bracket
        • The Dynamique and Monique use the same Adjustable Dump Bracket. The Adjustable Dump Bracket let's you adjust the seat angle and facilitates swapping seats from frame to frame. The Adjustable Dump Bracket uses rivnuts so seats can painlessly be swapped without wrenches and loose nuts.
        • The Adapter Bracket for KBG Sit Skis allows any of our seat setups to be mounted to any KBG Sit Ski. The Adapter Bracket utilizes the rear mounting holes of our seats to center and align the seat on the frame. Just set the dump angle and drill two holes for it up front. 
        • An Adjustable Dump Bracket is not necessary if mounting to another brand of sit ski. All of our seats come with two reference holes that delineate a center line for the seat bottom. 

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